Are you looking to make long-term change to your body but in a relatively short space of time?

Sick and tired of feeling unhappy with your body shape?

Favourite clothes not fitting like they once did?

Trust me, YOU CAN get that body you dream of!

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So what exactly do we do?

We provide you with a permanent, bespoke, life changing solution. Simple.

Outwork Fitness is run by Sam Barley, A top Fitness & Nutrition Expert who works with clients either online or in our private fitness studio.

This approach is perfect for busy people wanting the bespoke touch away from sweaty, overcrowded gyms.

Sam is on a mission to completely transform his clients body shape, confidence and energy levels not for just a short period of time but for LIFE!

There are no fad diets or crazy workout routines here, just


that will last a lifetime!


Yes, you read that right. Sam is so confident in his ability to get you lasting results that he will give you 100% of your money back if you don't achieve the results you desire . NO questions asked!

This really is completely risk free! Actually, not only is it risk free but Sam has decided to open up a limited number of FREE initial assessment sessions for ABSOLUTELY FREE! (Normal price £99)



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Have a look at what people just like YOU are saying:

" Before working with Outwork Fitness I was very sceptical about getting in shape, thinking I just didn't have the right kind of body type to actually look how I wanted. Sam completely changed this and I will be forever grateful! He was there for me every step of the way and made sure everything was as enjoyable and easy as possible. The best thing I have gained from the Fit For Life package isn't actually my body but its my confidence, I actually feel fantastic for once!! Thank you Sam" -Sophie, 38 years old

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my 10 weeks with Sam and cant believe how quickly its gone, I never in a million years thought getting in shape could be enjoyable but it actually was very fun! Two months has passed since I did the 10 week package and I am still losing weight thanks to the advice and expert knowledge Sam passed on to me. I strongly recommended Sam to anyone wanting a fitter, healthier and more positive lifestyle" - Victoria, 59 years old

"FINALLY I HAVE REAL CONFIDENCE!! Iv just finished the 10 week program and feel amazing!! Iv had such a great journey and im very sad its over, you really are a great guy and there is no way I could have done this without your support.. This is by far the best thing I have ever done for ME! Iv learnt so much about what works for me and I now know what suits me and the only way is up! Thank you again Sam! I recommend the fit for life package to EVERYONE!" -Jasmine, 26 years old


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